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We can work with a variety of materials with the equipment we have. As long as burning or heating the materials does not create toxic or environmentally damaging fumes we are safe to engrave.

Materials include –
 – Plastic
 – Wood
 – Paper & Cardboard
 – Glass
 – Textiles
 – Leather*
 – Metal*

*Talk to us for more information about working with these materials

It depends on the individual item we are working with. When we quote, we will include minimum quantities for a single order. 

We have a variety of machines that can work with a variety of different sizes. Our largest machine can process materials up to 2.2 metres wide and 50mm thick. 

Our team are recognised in the industry and even the machine manufacturers as experts in our space. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to consult with expert knowledge and solutions focused thinking. 

If you are not sure on how to achieve a certain finish or outcome, contact us with your details, and we can assist. 

Of course this depends on several factors, and we will always give an estimation on when your particular job will be ready. But we generally expect for small to medium jobs under normal conditions, we turn things around in 3-5 business days. Factors that contribute to longer turn around times –

– Larger materials or unusual shapes
– Large volumes
– Existing orders
– Complex processing/manufacturing tasks
– Public holidays or special events

We currently support –

– Credit Card & EFTPOS
– Bank Transfer
– Cash (if pre-arranged)

Accounts and Credit facilities are currently not available yet. 

We are happy to facilitate delivery from our premises to you. 

It will need to be arranged during quoting, so we can factor that into the pricing.